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Welcome to Belize Institute of Integrative Studies—an experiential learning and vocational training center that supports the health and wellness of the community and the land in Toledo District, Southern Belize, Central America.

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Our mission is to inspire and empower Belizean people to establish a successful career in holistic health and wellness by cultivating the talents of each individual through vocational training in practical skills, job opportunities, and professional development to increase confidence, knowledge, and expertise.

Our vision is the health and wellness of our land and self-sufficiency of our communities by preserving and promoting the traditional ways of sustainable living through small-scale, organic farming and herbal medicine.


The outcome of Belize Institute of Integrative Studies is to preserve, document, and disseminate traditional techniques for caring for the land and the community by promoting sustainable, low-impact living that uses the minimum physical resources necessary to maintain a healthy living environment and facilitate worldwide networking and communication.

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The Farm School: An Experiential Learning Center


Belize Institute of Integrative Studies es un centro comunitario de aprendizaje para desarollar habilidades de una forma práctica para cuidarnos a nosotros mismos, cuidar el medio ambiente, y cuidarnos unos a otros.

Belize Institute of Integrative Studies is an experiential community learning center that teaches practical skills for caring for ourselves, each other, and the land.

La misión es cultivar los talentos de cada individuo dentro de una comunidad auto-sustentable.

The mission ofBelize Institute of Integrative Studies is to cultivate the talents of each individual within the context of a self-sustainable community.

La visión es formar una red de comunidades auto-sustentables que apoya la salud de la gente y de la tierra.

The vision is to form a network of self-sustainable community centers that support the health of the people and the land.

Los principios básicos son (1) la salud del cuerpo, mente, y espíritu y (2) auto-sustentabilidad

The basic principles are (1) physical, mental, and spiritual health and (2) self-sustainability.

Our Unique Programs and Courses

Belize Institute of Integrative Studies offers unique programs with a variety of courses designed to prepare you for a successful career of your choice.

We offer a residential learning center located on a working farm where food is grown, harvested, packaged, and distributed within a viable business model, such that our students can actively participate in the daily operations and benefit from consuming nutritious food high in vitamins and minerals.

By participating in the day-to-day operations of the farm, our learners gain the therapeutic benefit of living and working in nature, interacting directly with the natural world, and working alongside the staff of the farm. Social interactions are naturally “built in” to the curriculum, because learners work and live alongside our staff and volunteers within a functional, cooperative, self-sustainable community setting that can be replicated in other locations.

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